Happy Holidays! (Video)- Jazz Violin “O Christmas Tree”

In the spirit of jazz, (and in the spirit of laughing at myself a bit), I hope you'll accept this unvarnished offering in the spirit of the season.

In answer to your requests for a holiday video, Jazz Violin “O Christmas Tree” includes a grandpa sweater, pitchy scatting, musical multitasking, and other oddities. Scroll down for more!

There’s a “twist” that happens in the first 30 seconds of this video. But can you find the “twist on the twist” that happens later?

My daughter Camille got it. (She was totally unimpressed)

Well, I did really want a reason to wear that grandpa sweater…

Please leave a comment below and share what you’re up to over the holiday, or, as my brother Lewis Howes would say, share what you’re most grateful for.

For example, I am grateful to be home with my family!

Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, I wish you the awesomest of holidays. May you be inspired to create an even better year ahead.




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