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Sample some of our most popular play-along video lessons below. Find many more on our Youtube channel or get the directory for a full listing. (see below videos for more info)

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Showcase student creativity with professionally mastered, audio backing tracks.

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Bluegrass, Blues, Bossa Nova, D Major (“Classical”), Doo-Wop, Feel Good Jams,  Feel Good Pop w/ Southern Soul, Funk, Groove, Gypsy Jazz, Happy Music- Serious Skills, Hip Hop-Inspired, Old Time Fiddle, Latin Feel, Pop, R&B, Rock, 7/4, 6/8

Learn to improvise over cover songs:

“Coffin Dance”, “Don’t Start Now” by Dua Lipa, “Dynamite” by BTS,  “Leave Before You Love Me” by Jonas Brothers x Marshmello, “Old Town Road” by Little Nas X, “Oye Como Va” by Santana, “, “Sir Duke” by Stevie Wonder, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, “You” by Troye Sivan & DJ Regard… and more!

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Open Strings, Rhythm & Pentatonic Scales, Chromatic, Violin Technique Lessons, Violin Bowing Technique, Suzuki Violin Teaching for Fun & Creativity, Relaxing Play Alongs, How to Improvise on Violin, Viola and Cello, How to Play Jazz Violin, Electric Violin and Loop Pedal (live), Improvisations for Solo Violin, Jazz Violin Duets, Electric Violin Rock Solos… and more!

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Many of our play alongs are designed for pros and amateurs.

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Students need effective online resources to be Engaged & Independent.

Creative Strings’ Free Play Along Lessons:

  • Teach technique, ear training, theory, & more.
  • Promote student independence and engagement
  • Save time for teachers.
  • Fun & appropriate for all levels
  • Easy assessment.

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