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Each playlist includes a series of multiple videos for different levels by theme. To use these play-a-long lessons:

  • Pick a song or style that interests you
  • Pick your preferred difficulty
  • Play the video on one device and record yourself playing along on another.
  • Listen back- see how you did!

Teachers: assign specific lessons to your students and have them send you their recordings for assessment.

Watch Ava play along to a Funk lesson:

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Boost your learning by recording yourself playing along with the lessons and listening back to your work.
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Share these free play alongs with your students to:
  1. Develop your students technique, ear training, and theory in various styles
  2. Promote student independence. Your students can record themselves, reflect back and share their work.
  3. Save yourself time and stress of making your own materials from scratch
  4. Give students something different and fun to do- they're short and easy enough for all levels
You can also use them as assessment tools by having students record and submit their work to you for feedback.
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