Electric Violin Shop’s Duncan Monserud: How To Get The Best Amplified Sound on Violin, Viola, and Cello – Creative Strings Podcast Episode 9

“The quality of your amplified violin sound is only as good as the weakest component in your chain…”

Duncan Monserud, marketing director for Electric Violin Shop, joins Christian to discuss challenges, choices, and solutions for string players seeking to go electric. Scroll down to listen, join the conversation in the comments, and find a time-coded table of contents to help you zero in on specific topics.

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Electric Violin Shop Staff

Electric Violin Shop Staff

“Your acoustic tone is a great thing and we don’t want you to abandon that just to go electric. There are different tools for different purposes…”


“Your technique is still the most important part of how you sound…”


Table of Contents:

Common misconceptions about electric bowed string instruments (04:00)

Different means of amplifying violin, viola, cello,  and the pros/cons of each (08:53)

Microphones vs. pickups and the different types of both (10:05 – 31:33)

Solid-body electric bowed string instruments (31:34 – 38:48)

Amps, preamps and PA systems (39:48 – 51:35)

Effects pedals and multi-effects (51:35 – 55:29)

The many uses of looping and loop pedals for violin, viola, and cello (55:57 – 1:00:16)

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“Looping is about the coolest thing you can do with the violin…”


Clips in the episode

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Chris’ Rocking Violin Solo (Live performance at the Music For All Summer Symposium)

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