How to Play Pop Music on Violin without sounding soo Classical

A bunch of you told me you wanted to know how to play pop music on violin without sounding so classical. So this is for that. I used the song Don’t Start Now by Dua Lipa and cover: rhythm exercises (slow down the video if it’s too hard) how to play the vocal melody on Read more about How to Play Pop Music on Violin without sounding soo Classical[…]

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The Elephant in the Music Room

I’m going to address a factor in music education that is like an invisible elephant in the room. Warning– While I’m not going to take a political position, some people have strong reactions to this topic. I have no way to determine whether it is relevant for you. Whether you read or close this article, Read more about The Elephant in the Music Room[…]

Calming your Inner Critic (for Musicians)

Musicians, teachers, and just about everyone is frustrated by the things we can NOT do during COVID. Here’s what we CAN do: Get strong. Heal. Enjoy life. Be more present. Get clarity. Connect more deeply. Become a better friend to yourself. Reconcile inner conflict. Improve your capacity to do anything in life. I know. It’s Read more about Calming your Inner Critic (for Musicians)[…]

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The (not so?) funny insults I receive about my violin playing

If you’re tired of fighting with your inner critic, know this:
It’s common for musicians of all ages and abilities to feel anxious and//or have self-doubting thoughts.
I and many of my adult students and colleagues struggle with insecurities. If this applies to you, you’re far from alone.