Intersections: Classical, Jazz, & Flamenco w/ Pablo Martín Caminero – Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 25

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After staying up until 7 a.m. surrounded by Flamenco guitar, dancing, and singing in a room full of people clapping knowingly along to the Bulería, Tango, and Soleá, I was forever changed.

It was my first trip to Spain in 2001,  and I had just discovered the music world’s best kept secret.

Following 20 more trips to Spain, I get to share a bit of that magic with you today in a fully produced audio episode plus an extended video version. (scroll down for both).

All the music in Spain is infected by Flamenco, whether pop, R&B, jazz, modern classical music..

Traditional Flamenco itself has evolved in ways that are mind boggling.

After visiting regularly for 17 years, I still struggle to find the downbeat of the Buleria!

But I’ve come to enjoy the music immensely, and one of the primary reasons for this has been my close friendship with a handful of Spanish musicians, most notably Federico Lechner, Antonio Serrano, and my guest today, Pablo Martín Caminero.

After hundreds of hours spent with Pablo touring, recording, eating tapas, and listening with fascination to his perspective on culture, philosophy, and music, my understanding of Spanish music and culture is shaped by our kinship.

In Creative Strings Podcast Episode 25  we listen in on Pablo’s compositions plus insightful commentary on:
>- Clavé as a mantra
>- Fear in classical music
>- The academizing of jazz
>- Adapting Jazz as “a concept with freedom and improvisation” to Flamenco forms

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“Soleá de Gasteiz”



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“El Republicanon”