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Conductor Markand Thakar on achieving transcendent musical performances Pt. 1 – Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 6

Join us in part one of a special two-part episode in which Dr. Markand Thakar challenges us to transcend the ordinary through music.

“Open your ears to all the sounds and bring them forth in a way that moves you…” 

Markand Thakar is a music director of the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra and co-director of graduate conducting at the Peabody Conservatory.

Drawing from ideas in Markand’s book- Looking for the “Harp” Quartet: An Investigation into Musical Beauty, we investigate:

  • How music can move all of us
  • How to convey deeper beauty through music
  • The creation and release of tension on the micro and macro levels.

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“Just by absorbing sound, we can be moved, we can transcend…”

“Every human being is different… we have different experiences, different environment, but the essence is that there’s a real sameness about human beings…”

“The equilibrium of sound is silence… any sound must return to silence…”

“To absorb yourself into the sound, you have to let go of your place in the world, let go of your individuality… You must have a fundamental trust in yourself.”

Clips in this episode

Clips in this episode are excerpted from performances by the Baltimore Chamber Orchestra under the baton of Markand Thakar. Click either title below to view a video of the full performance.

MENDELSSOHN Symphony no. 4 “Italian,” mvt. 1

 TCHAIKOVSKY Serenade for Strings mvt 3 Élégie

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