Songwriting Strategies: A 360 Degree Approach (Part 1) with Mark Simos – Creative Strings Podcast Ep.14

Most musicians have struggled in one way or another with composing their own material.

Sound familiar? Listen in on the podcast below to gain strategies for starting, and finishing, more of your own works.

In the first of a two part interview, I sat down with my former colleague at the Berklee College of Music, Mark Simos, to discuss the strategies featured in his book Songwriting Strategies: A 360-Degree Approach. I find that these strategies apply to writing tunes in all genres, with or without lyrics, and they can help improvisers too. 

Songwriting Strategies Christian Howes violin

“Song seeds are the most valuable kind of starting process”

Scroll down to learn about:

  • The 360 degree approach
  • “Song Seeds” – how to capture a short idea and grow it into a full composition
  • Translating song seeds across variations in lyric, melody, rhythm and harmony
  • Using different forms of restraint to enhance your creativity

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To learn more about the 360 degree songwriting approach visit Mark’s website The site includes Audio Examples, an “Ask the Prof” section where Mark answers readers questions and an email list too keep you up to date on all of Mark’s doings.


Here are several clips of presentations that Mark has given on songwriting:

Clips in this episode

  • “Nahatlatch” – by Mark Simos with Jenna Moynihan and Mairi Chaimbeul
  • Bach Partita No.3 in E major – performed by Itzhak Perlman
  • “Postlude” – by Christian Howes, from his 2016 release on Resonance Records, “American Spirit