Unboxing the New Yamaha YEV Electric Violin

The first time I used an electric violin, 28 years ago, the motivation was clear to me: I needed to be heard over the drummer and achieve an overdriven tone to mimic guitar heroes like Jimi Hendrix. 

Over time I discovered that the sound of rock and roll wasn’t all I was after. Rather, regardless of the style of music, it was a longing to be creatively expressed; that feeling you have when you’ve made something from nothing and you’re totally spent and thrilled at the same time. It was this feeling, rather than any particular genre of music, that mattered to me.

After working closely with Yamaha for 19 years now, and having consulted them during the five-year process of making their newest model, the “YEV”,  the news of their releasing this at a street price of under $600 was actually shocking to me.  I simply don’t understand how they could have made something this good at such an affordable price. So when they asked me if I would care to comment on the new violin I took it as a challenge, i.e. what could I create with it? 

They made this for players like me to have a tool for creative self-expression, so I created this video to embody my own search for creative self-expression, (complete with original music, juggling and break dancing) :)

Thank you Yamaha for providing not only a tool and a solution, but with it an implicit challenge to each of us to find inside of us the courage to create. 




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