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Unboxing: Yamaha YEV-104 Electric Violin

Yamaha YEV-104 Electric Violin Review

The Yamaha YEV Electric Violin combines tradition and avant-garde innovation.

Hear for yourself in this split-screen (all parts created by the YEV-104):


Sleek Design that Strikes a Chord

The Yamaha YEV Electric Violin is a testament to elegance and modern design. Its sleek, solid-body structure pays homage to the violin’s timeless form while embracing contemporary aesthetics. The instrument comes in an array of stunning finishes, ensuring that your visual senses are as captivated as your ears.

Innovative Construction for Unparalleled Sound

The YEV Electric Violin boasts an ingenious 5-layer construction, combining various tonewoods with cutting-edge carbon fiber technology. This enhances resonance, creating a dynamic, vibrant, flexible sound.

Playability and Comfort

Crafted with precision and ergonomics in mind, the contours of the Yamaha YEV Electric Violin hug your body, allowing you to play for hours comfortably. The matte finish of the fingerboard ensures effortless movement, while the lightweight design adds ease to your performance.

Silent Practice: Master Your Craft Privately

With the ability to plug in your headphones, you can hone your skills without disturbing the peace. Explore new techniques, refine your sound, and practice without uttering a sound.

Acoustic-like Sound and Effortless Effects

The YEV is your ticket to an acoustic experience without compromising the freedom of an electric instrument. And if you’re itching to experiment with effects, achieve distortion, delay, and other processing effects easily, avoiding pesky feedback issues plaguing other instruments.

As we unbox the Yamaha YEV Electric Violin,  it creates a balanced and dynamic output. Whether you seek the warm embrace of classical tones or the edge of contemporary music, the Yamaha YEV Electric Violin provides.

Path to Sonic Discovery

The first time I used an electric violin, 28 years ago, the motivation was clear: I wanted to be heard over the drummer and achieve an overdriven tone to mimic guitar heroes like Jimi Hendrix. 

Over time I discovered that the sound of rock and roll wasn’t all I could get from a solid-body electric violin. Regardless of the style of music, it was a longing to be creatively expressed, that feeling you have when you’ve made something from nothing, and you’re spent and thrilled at the same time. This feeling, rather than any particular genre of music, mattered to me.

After working closely with Yamaha for 20 years and consulting them while making the Yamaha YEV, the news of their releasing this at a street price of under $600 shocked me.  I don’t understand how they could have made something this good at such an affordable price. So when they asked me if I would care to comment on the new violin, I took it as a challenge, i.e., what could I create with it? 

Conclusion: Crafting Courage Through Creation

Yamaha didn’t just provide a tool; they invited every artist to embrace their courage and carve a unique path of artistic exploration. The Yamaha YEV Electric Violin isn’t just a product; it’s a bridge connecting passion and innovation, sound and silence, tradition and evolution.

They made this for players like me to have a tool for creative self-expression, so I created this video to embody my search for creative self-expression (complete with original music, juggling, and break dancing.

Thank you, Yamaha, for providing a tool, a solution, and an implicit challenge to each of us to find the courage to create. 

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