(New) Jazz Violin Sheet Music: Listen & Get the transcription

To listen and get the transcription, play video below, accompanied by an all-star band live in Los Angeles. If you like it, pay what you want to download the 5-page PDF. The transcription starts with the melody, then picks up with my solo 3 minutes in after Bruce Forman’s guitar solo.

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Preview page 1 of the 5-page jazz violin solo PDF transcription below.

Thanks to Duncan Monserud for making this transcription. 

Duncan is a multi-talented musician and part of the team at ElectricViolinShop  I recommend EVS as the best source for “All Things Electric Strings”.

If you have questions about amplification, pickups, electric instruments, loop pedals, effects, etc., call EVS during business hours at (866) 900-8400.

Read Duncan’s comments and listen to his performance 

“I’ve loved listening to this particular recording for years and recently decided to transcribe it so I could analyze the changes and soloing. Of course, once it was transcribed I had to try to play along–easier said than done. Took me a while and some really slow metronome practice to be able to keep up with (Christian’s) solos, which are pretty masterfully conceived and performed. The first 2:03 is the head; I cut a really nice guitar solo by Bruce Forman because it’s not part of the violin transcription; the violin solo sections come in at 2:10.

Thanks to guitarist/composer Brett Allen for letting me record “Wish”. 

It’s a longstanding favorite of mine. The groove, melody, and chord progression all lie nicely on the violin.

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