Cellist/singer/composer Marcelo Martinez Vieira

A versatile musician and artist eager to explore new artistic medias, Marcelo Martinez Vieira is a cello player as well as a passionate composer and improvisor,  in transit between different musical styles and diverse artistic activities. Marcelo is a graduate student at Louisiana State University, majoring in Jazz Studies. Marcelo has a wide experience in improvisation and musical production in  popular music and Brazilian Jazz, having performed  with Orquestra Popular de Câmara, Luiza Possi, Sandy&Jr. and Falamans, among others. He was Brazilian Music instructor in 2009 at CSW, and guest artist in the Vermont Improvising Strings Academy 2009, invited by cellist and composer Eugene Friesen. Marcelo has been researching and teaching improvisation and string arranging, as well as  developing a method of singing and playing for string players. He explores live improvisation for all kinds of Dance and Theater performances, and worked in this field with Adilson Nascimento and Myiako Kato Dance Space (Tokyo-Japan), among many others.   He has been presenting the show “Cello&Voice”, exploring the relationship between body and instrument.

Want to know what it would be like to study intensively with Marcelo this summer at the Creative Strings Workshop?

Watch and Listen:

From Marcelo’s Youtube Channel: Celloscapes

In the following audio, Marcelo demonstrates a little bit what the samba groove sounds like in the string instrument. The name of the song is “É”  by Gonzaguinha.

What can participants expect in your classes at the Creative Strings Workshop this summer?

I wanna get people interested in singing and playing and develop the skills to do it through some exercises and techniques I’ve been using. Adding to that, I will teach samba and bossa tunes and other brazilian rhythms, and i’m especially preparing arrangements of Choro tunes. What’s choro? A fun early samba style.




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