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In their own words-Creative Strings Workshop participants tell it like it is

With summer approaching fast it’s definitely time to make plans. I don’t know about you, but for me, the summer is always a time when I like to try to catch a week or two to devote to FIDDLECAMP!!!! Nothing but fiddles, fiddlers, bloody fingers, and ears ringing…. And I mean “fiddle” in the broadest sense, i.e., a time when I can focus on getting better at music with other musicians keen on the same. It all started for me when many years back i started teaching at Mark O’Connor’s fiddle camp (I’ll be there to teach again this July in NYC). I grew so much that week just from hanging and jamming with other players. There was such a spirit in the air- everyone was excited about getting better. That’s why I created the Creative Strings Workshop, currently in it’s 7th year- to recreate that atmosphere. (click “education” on this page to learn more or register). My camp has a different slant than others, but I’ll let some participants tell you what they think (see below) In the meantime, whatever you do this summer, I hope you reserve some time to invest in yourself and whatever you love to do.

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