4 Secret Weapons You Can Use to be Creative

Violinist Christian Howes
These 4 things helped my health, productivity, relationships, and creativity. I bet one will help you.

These 4 things helped my health, productivity, relationships, and creativity.

1. I struggled with a shoulder injury for the past 3 months.

The pain woke me up at night. After meeting with many doctors, I thought I needed surgery. I’d be out for 6 months. My sister recommended Active Release Therapy. After a 30-minute session my shoulder worked again. If you have repetitive stress-related injuries, I recommend it.

A lot of us may think we need to live with pain. But living with pain affected me in ways I couldn’t see.

You are worth tending to. Stop everything and heal. If you’re worried about the cost of treatment, research self-care on Youtube.

2. My oldest kid came to hang out and we cleaned/reorganized my studio.

The clutter in my space was like inflammation in my shoulder. Now I’m more productive and open.

3. I started getting up earlier.

I wanted to be awake at the same times as my family to bring us closer. A family is like an ecosystem. A tweak to one part of the system (like a shoulder to a body) effects every other part.

4. I politely declined more invitations.

Marie Kondo your calendar. Just say “no”. Cancel or shorten commitments. It should feel radical.

When my career mentoring clients kick and scream about this, I remind them they want to make money, reduce stress, and do work they love. They always thank me later.

One result of these four things is that I made this 30-second Acapella:

Being “busy” is like living with clutter or pain. It’s a choice.

Be radical. Choose you.




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