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Music Technology as a Metaphor

Making music in collaboration is different than doing it alone.

The two are like fire and water, day and night, tension and openness, less and more. We understand one by knowing the other.

Which is a weird way to lead into sharing a performance of a fiddle tune I did last week “by myself” (with a loop pedal) in this new video below:

But the reason I bring it up isn’t to encourage you to use a loop pedal in your practice, performance, or teaching.

Rather, a loop pedal is a metaphor for anything that causes us to resist and get stuck.

Most pedals purchased will stay in a box for months before they’re opened, if ever. Because there’s a slight learning curve, so it can take 2 minutes or 2 days to make your first loop, depending.

The point is, we resist new/unknown technology, strategies, methods, skills, communities… But when we show up day after day to lean in towards the thing we’re resisting, we can progress and even transform. Then we find ourselves gliding in the ease of a new system or flow that works for us in any facet of life.

If you take a second to reflect on whatever you may be resisting, I hope you can breathe and take your next positive step towards finding ease.

P.S. I had fun playing that fiddle tune. But if you want your students to be doing the playing consider checking out the new Creative Strings Youth Classroom. 

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