What’s new at the 2014 String Conference

You might find yourself listening over a plate of french fries while fiddle genius Billy Contreras waxes eloquent about 24 modes in 72 positions equaling 694,000-some permutations. You can sleep when you get home. If you find me passed out with exhaustion on a park bench at 3 a.m. don't worry, it happens every year...
From June 29- July 5th, a flock of string players including students, amateurs, teachers, and top pros from around the globe, will descend upon central Ohio to overflow the city with string music mayhem including over 25 public performances in parks, libraries, theaters, dive bars, coffee shops, fiddle flashmob parades, and more. jason anick, jeremy kittel, and billy contreras to teach jazz violin and improvisation on fiddle at the creative strings workshop Like a long Black Diamond ski run, 18-hour-plus days filled with jams, rehearsals, clinics, coaching, lectures, and workshops on topics like free improvisation, odd meter fiddle tune fusion, how to electrify your cello, DYI music business, Gypsy Jazz licks, post-bop violin, world music string orchestras and more are guaranteed to thrill you, challenge you, and nourish your soul. You might find yourself listening over a plate of french fries while fiddle genius Billy Contreras waxes eloquent about 24 modes in 72 positions equaling 694,000-some permutations…
You’ll definitely be performing throughout every day. Between the three different bands you happen to play with on one given day, you’ll choose, quickly, which party to go to, which for fiddle nerds like me is like choosing between infinite treats laid out on a buffet. The obvious choice? Do as much as possible. You can sleep when you get home. If you find me passed out from exhaustion on a park bench at 3AM don’t worry, it happens every year…

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  Screen Shot 2014-05-02 at 10.43.15 AM Our 12th annual Creative Strings Workshop will be held at the lovely Ohio Wesleyan University within two short blocks walking of the quaint, downtown Delaware, Ohio, just outside of Columbus. Faculty this year is as mind-blowingly cool as ever, with some special newcomers like Nicole Yarling, and the return of skiing fiddler, Andy Reiner (perhaps the most prolific composer of fiddle tunes of anyone I know),  as well as other CSW veterans like Jeremy Kittel, Alex Hargreaves, Billy Contreras, Greg Byers, and Jason Anick. These generous teaching artists are a big reason I put myself through such chaotic madness to plan this do this event; it’s a community of brilliant musicians who are all about sharing and supporting each other.   Oh, and we’ll even lay out a soft pillow cloud for you- a host of great rhythm section players who are there just to support you. Teachers can now receive graduate credits at CSW through Central Washington University.

Non-Profit Status

I am truly excited to announce our newly approved 501(c)(3) status! The charitable organization was founded to help operate the annual workshop and provide for scholarships for deserving students, both in central Ohio and beyond. Anyone can now make a tax deductible donation to the workshop as a IRS-approved 501(c)(3). Inquire about scholarships at chris@christianhowes.com To donate:
  In short, we’ve got lots in store for this summer’s 12th annual conference. If you’re ready to let it all hang out, feel free to join us. Learn more at https://christianhowes.com/education/creative-strings-workshop/, or register at https://christianhowes.com/education/creative-strings-workshop/csw-2014-registration/





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