ready to go past playing prescribed parts?

String Project L.A. is Leading the field of string education

I love this. These guys are  gutsy and they’ve hit the nail on the head with what they’re doing. String teachers and programs around the world should take note and learn from what SPLA is doing:

String Project Los Angeles (SPLA) is a group of creative string playing pros dedicated to encourage young string players to create and perform styles of music they are interested in, and not necessarily confined to classical music. They offer year-round classes that foster improvisational skills while encouraging teamwork and creative self-expression. SPLA believes that each student is an artist and strive to offer an innovative and inspiring experience to each one.



They’ve created the Alternative String Group (ASG), a performing ensemble that began meeting in the fall of 2007. Since then they’ve performed all styles of music from Freddie Hubbard and U2 to Dr. Dre and Rage Against the Machine. What i love about this is that they are playing in jazz clubs and other venues throughout the city. This is very much like what happens at my annual Creative Strings Workshop

See their performance below:

String Project LA, ASG performs "Out Of My Mind" by John Mayer. Arranged by Robert Anderson. December 2009 at Actors Gang Theate from Brent Whitfield on Vimeo.

String Project LA, ASG performs “Out Of My Mind” by John Mayer. Arranged by Robert Anderson. December 2009 at Actors Gang Theate from Brent Whitfield on Vimeo.


(I’m very proud to note that ALL of the SPLA artist faculty have attended my annual Creative Strings Workshop, and Robert Anderson will be returning June 28-July 4 to teach again this year in 2010.)

String Project L.A. is:

Robert Anderson | Artistic Director, Violin • BIOrobert@stringprojectla.com

Jacob Szekely | Artistic Director, Cello • BIOjacob@stringprojectla.com

Andrea Whitt | Music Director, Beginning ASG, Viola • andrea@stringprojectla.com

Kathryn Anderson | Marketing Director, Violin • kathryn@stringprojectla.com

Keep up the awesome work guys!

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