February 25, 2013

Creative Strings Workshops- Six Cities in 2019

Are you ready to change the way you make music?

Register by January 10th to receive huge savings on tuition at any of our six workshops in 2019.

All levels and backgrounds are welcome including teen, collegiate, professional, amateur, and teachers.

Lausanne, Switzerland: Feb. 1-3, 2019 (Save 75 CHF when you register now)

Dallas, TX: March 29-31, 2019  (Save $75 when you register now)

Toronto, Canada: May 18-19, 2019 (Save $75 CAD when you register now)

Lincoln, NE: May 31 – June 2, 2019 (Save $75 when you register now)

Columbus, OH: June 30-July 6, 2019  (Save $200 when you register now).

Asheville, NC: July 10-14, 2019  (Limited to 15 participants. Claim your slot before they fill.)

Creative Strings Workshop

Questions? Email [email protected] or click the link to schedule a call on the right sidebar of this page.

Creative Strings Workshop began 17 years ago with a vision to connect innovators in the string playing community.

It’s become a catalyst for musicians worldwide; a destination where purpose-driven artists converge to charge the soul.

If you’ve been before, you know what I mean. This is something you’ve simply got to experience.

  • Growth in mindset: Step out of your routine to prepare yourself for new breakthroughs.
  • Collaboration- Connecting with creative musicians means you are with potential collaborators, and maybe even new BFF’s.
  • Connection: Working with a talented teacher live, interacting in ensembles, connecting on a musical and human level, is the kind of thing that can change your belief in what’s possible- in a way that a series of videos can’t.
  • Exposure: When you’re there, there’s just something in the air. It changes you.
  • Opportunity: It’s no longer just about auditioning for that orchestra gig. There are so many exciting opportunities available to musicians with the right combinations of skills and knowledge to seize them.
  • Contribution- Think about what you can take back and give back to your community, ensembles, or studio.

creative strings workshop orchestra

Take a second to think about the possibilities that come from sitting in a room alongside others who need no introduction to how you think musically. They don’t just understand it, they live it everyday. Those are the people who can help you take your art, and career, to the next level.

Questions? Email me at [email protected] or schedule a call with me here.


Eventbrite - 2019 Creative Strings Workshop Lausanne


Eventbrite - 2019 Creative Strings Workshop Dallas


Eventbrite - 2019 Creative Strings Workshop Toronto


Eventbrite - 2019 Creative Strings Workshop Lincoln

Columbus Adult:

Eventbrite - 2019 Creative Strings Workshop Columbus - Adult Program

Columbus Youth:

Eventbrite - 2019 Creative Strings Workshop Columbus - Youth Program


Eventbrite - Creative Strings Asheville Extension 2019


Creative Strings is a non-profit organization with a mission to support music education through outreach, summer conference, and online curriculum.