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Bring guest teaching artist Christian Howes, one of the world’s leading string pedagogues, to share eclectic styles and improvisation with your orchestra via classes and/or collaborative concerts.

“Howes experience proves that the collaboration of music educator and professional performer can create magic for students.”
– National Association for Music Education Magazine Feature

Balancing Educational Substance With Inspiration

    • Cutting edge classroom teaching sessions. Students play and learn the entire time, 1- 4 hours per day. (Customized to ensure that your goals and expectations are met.)


    • If you wish, add a culminating concert. Students  perform  with a world class performing artist


    • Enjoy increased community support and recognition for your program through additional PR
    • A guest artist with a heart and mind for service and educating with a “leave your ego at the door” approach, focused on motivating and encouraging students


    • Save costs/hassles of trips. (Or, if you want to travel ask about our retreats in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC.)

Hear what Teachers are saying

This Is for Teachers Who Want to Foster:

  • A jamming culture

  • Inclusion of diverse musical & learning styles

  • A lifelong relationship with music

  • Standards related to learning improvisation, arranging, and composition; The empowerment of understanding and playing music beyond the page

How It Works

During 1-3 days, Christian  trains students and teachers in:

  1. Improvisation, composition, and arranging.
  2. Harmony, rhythm, and applied theory
  3. Contemporary styles
  4. Amplificationeffects, and loops

👉 Clinics Guide and Description  DOWNLOAD HERE

If you wish to do so, you can add a culminating concert (see example video below)

👉 For Sample Repertoire and Concert Structure, learn more here.

Hear what Teachers & Students are saying

different from other Programs

  • Eclectic – Instead of one genre, we’ll teach fundamental skills which apply across a broad range of styles.

  • Substantive Pedagogy – Instead of using classroom time for rehearsal,  we teach from in-depth curriculum. (See videospodcasts, and articles.)

  • Affordable & Flexible  Gain an experience at a fraction of the cost or hassle of a trip. Choose from flexible options.

  • Spotlight on Students – Some make it about the guest artist. We focus on serving students:

    – Repertoire which features students and is easy to rehearse ahead of time.
    – Informance portions of concert feature students demonstrating new skills.
    – Classroom learning (instruments in hand).

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Ready to bring exciting new worlds of creative musicianship to your orchestra? Contact Christian today to start planning your event!

Christian Howes

Violinist Christian Howes

A former Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, Christian is widely established as one of the world’s most respected improvising violinists and string pedagogues. A Suzuki-trained, accomplished classical violinist, he brings a unique perspective, informing a well-formed and articulated methodology, to help students and teachers broaden knowledge and skills.

Meet the Standards with training

“…  which aligns with Standards for the Arts for creating musical works through student generated improvisation (NYS Standards 1.1, 2.1, 3.1, 8.1). Access to a world class jazz violinist and educator provides a broader societal and cultural context of the role of string instruments in contemporary music (7.2).”

Clinics Guide and Description  DOWNLOAD HERE

teach your students improvisation with a violin school residency

You don't have time for prima donnas!

Hire a guest artist with a heart and mind for service and educating; Create a transformative experience for students.

  • Substantive pedagogy; Inspiring artistry
  • Wins for teachers, admin, parents, and students
  • Easy to work with.
  • We help you create smooth, successful events.

How can I explore bringing this to my school?

Email or call Christian Howes at chris@christianhowes.com or 614-332-8689

First, we’ll find a time for Christian to come into your school. Once a date is chosen, we’ll work closely with you to promote, schedule, and program. There will be a mutually agreed itinerary to serve the needs of your district, whether it includes teacher training, k-12 student workshops, assemblies, concerts, and/or media appearances.

If you wish, this can culminate in a final performance highlighting the students. The event is also an opportunity to fundraise and promote your program.

Share the overview PDF with your colleagues/admin, or request sample curriculum by emailing chris@christianhowes.com

Want help?

Email chris@christianhowes or text 614-332-8689

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