April 28, 2012

Creative Strings Residencies- Outreach in Schools

Teachers- Would you like to provide an amazing event for your students?

Consider a Creative Strings Residency: A guest artist collaboration focused on contemporary styles, improvisation, and related subjects which balances educational substance with inspiration via classroom sessions and collaborative concerts.


– Contribute to the sustainability of your program

– Provide students an opportunity to collaborate onstage with a world class performing artist

– Enjoy increased community support and recognition for your program

– When comparing Carnegie Hall or Disney World,  think “fraction of the cost and hassle,” from the comfort of home.


Through 1-3 days, Creative Strings provides training in new skills for students and teachers including:

  1. Improvisation, composition, and arranging.
  2. Creative self-expression
  3. Harmonic and rhythmic fluency; Applied theory
  4. Fluency in contemporary styles
  5. Demystifying amplificationeffects, and loops

Christian Howes String Educator

How Creative Strings is different:

1) Well-Rounded– Some programs focus on one genre. We offer broad repertoire: Latin, Americana, Jazz, Blues, Rock, et al.

2) Sound Pedagogy- Other programs use classroom time for rehearsal. We use them to teach skills based on sound pedagogy and in-depth curriculum. See for yourself in our videospodcasts, and articles.

3) Flexible funding opportunities-. Book now to take advantage of last minute filler dates.

4) Spotlight on Students– Other programs make it all about the guest artist. We focus on serving the students.

A) Repertoire which challenges and features students
B) “Informance” portions of concert feature students demonstrating new skills to parents.
C) More classroom learning


Brings the real world to the classroom

Christian's musical ability and jazz creativity is of the highest caliber and second to none in this genre. As a clinician and guest artist he is extremely accommodating as he brings the real world into the classroom.

Mitchell Lutch
Director of Bands, Central College

Fabulous experience

We had a fabulous experience with Christian! The event actually took on an even higher level of impact than was expected. I knew that Christian was going to work "magic" but he took the student and faculty body by storm!

Dr. Pamela Kelly
Director of String Ensembles, Ravenscroft School

Couldn't stop talking about the workshop

I had a parent email me and tell me her daughter couldn’t stop talking about the workshop Chris came and did for my students. My student's mom said her daughter thought it was one of the "coolest things she's ever, ever, ever done”.

Corrie Franklin
Orchestra Director, Chapel Hill High School

Why Christian Howes?

Christian Howes Yamaha Violin

A former Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music, Christian is widely established as one of the world’s most respected jazz violinists and string pedagogues. A Suzuki-trained, accomplished classical violinist, he brings a unique perspective to help string players and teachers broaden their knowledge and skills.

Watch this short video documenting a Creative Strings residency near Kansas City:


Why it’s necessary:

The need for classical musicians to diversify is self-evident. Orchestral programs can offer a broad array of skills so that students will be able to incorporate music into their lives more sustainably.

Download this guide for a detailed description of clinics.


teach your students improvisation with a violin school residencyWhat you will gain:

You’ll have full support of Christian’s team in logistics, promotion, and programming. Our vested interest is in partnering to help teachers create successful events.

“You and your team made the logistical part of your residency a breeze!  Everyone involved offered outstanding communication and attention to detail from the get go.  It made my job easy and stress free!” (Bryan Bricco- Head of music in Penfield Schools, following a three-day event involving over 200 students in band, choir, and orchestra ages 9-17.)


Sponsored Access to Online Learning-Yamaha and D’Addario have generously provided sponsorship to allow schools to utilize online learning via Christian Howes’ Creative Strings Academy in anticipation of his visit, to maximize the time with Christian at your school.

For sample repertoire and concert structure, learn more here.

What is the process?

How can I bring this into my school?

Email or call Tiffany Goodman[email protected] // 773-283-2830

First, we’ll work with you in planning a time for Christian to come into your school.  Once a date is chosen, you’ll receive your unique login for the Creative Strings Academy so you and your students can dive headfirst into the online curriculum.

We’ll work closely with you to promote, schedule, and program, and there will be a mutually agreed itinerary to serve the needs of your district, whether it includes teacher training, k-12 student workshops, assemblies, concert, and any media appearances.

All of this will culminate in a final performance highlighting the students. The event is an opportunity to fundraise, promote your program, recruit, and nurture support from your community.

Share the overview PDF with your colleagues, or request sample curriculum by emailing [email protected]


Email or call Tiffany Goodman to learn more: [email protected] // 773-283-2830


Creative Strings is a non-profit organization with a mission to support music education through outreach, summer conference, and online curriculum.