Stash Wyslouch: Audacity & the Creative Process – Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 33

creative strings podcast ep 33 stash wyslouch

creative strings podcast ep 33 stash wyslouch

To be human is to make stuff; Creativity is natural.

Yet it feels incredibly risky to put our creative work out there for people to vote up or down. It feels personal, like people may accept or reject us.

We’re drawn to the ideas and voices of people who have the courage to take that risk and make something distinctive.

Beyond possessing courage, you could say artists who do this consistently are audacious.

Stash Wyslouch is a walking billboard of musical audacity; his music combines elements of thrash metal, old time fiddle, jazz, and the avant-garde.

You’ve got to hear his music to believe it.

Delightful. Shocking. Raw. Human.

We put together a collage of his work + interview in the new Creative Strings Podcast.

Bookmark it and listen (above) to be amazed and delighted. If you love it, share, subscribe (below), or leave a review.

the stash band                                                   The Stash Band: Stash Wyslouch, Duncan Wickel, and Sean Trishka

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Watch the extended conversation on YouTube:

Learn more about Stash Wyslouch:

Website // YouTube // Facebook

Clips used in this episode (by The Stash Band):

  • More War (Away from Har)
  • Kill Everything (Sociopath’s Anthem)
  • Rumination #1 (The Wonder Song)
  • Sally Took a Ticket to Paradise (She’s So Happy)
  • The Internet’s My Brain (Without It I Am Nothing)

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