Bryan Wilson – Cellist, Composer, Subway Performer – Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 22

bryan wilson cellist

Bryan Wilson is a cellist, composer, educator and author of the book Cello Chords. He wrote, produced, and just released a solo debut “Oso Perezoso”, and has played in and managed the post-rock band You Bred Raptors? since 2011. Scroll down to listen in on his hilarious and fascinating insights in Creative Strings Podcast Episode 22, during which we cover:

–  Performing in NYC Subways

– Booking tours and running an indie rock band as a business

– Breakdowns of several songs off his new album, and a look at his approach to education, composition and production.

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Learn more about Bryan at Be sure to check out his new album “Oso Perezoso” available on iTunes. You can learn more about Bryan’s Band You Bred Raptors? at



Clips in this episode:

“Swins” – from Oso Perezoso

“Ice 9” – from Oso Perezoso

“Roz” – from Oso Perezoso

“Oceans” – from Oso Perezoso

“One in the Chamber” – from Oso Perezoso

“Saloon” – by You Bred Raptors? from Grant

“Rager” – from Oso Perezoso