Music in Don Jon features Christian Howes Strings

We posted earlier this year that our strings were heavily featured in the Sundance film, Don Jon’s Addiction. After being picked up for national distribution (and a slight title change to Don Jon) we are happy to announce that the movie premiered in the US on Friday, September 27th.

Collaborative effort

Don Jon writer, director and star Joseph Gordon-Levitt is no stranger to a collaborative workflow. His website is a community of filmmakers, musicians, artists and writers who all contribute individual work and ideas as well as collaborate with others on the site. Gordon-Levitt cites his work with hitRecord as part of his inspiration for creating Don Jon.   In the same way, Judson Crane arranged the string parts for the film. He sent the parts to our string recording team who overdubbed string parts to create the orchestral score. The album version of the soundtrack was released on October 8th and is available on iTunes.   Don Jon is currently playing in theaters across the US, click here for showtimes near you.   Don-Jons-Addiction-credits-small



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