Summer is Coming.................!

May 2, 2012

Our Process

1. Send us any combination of the following via email:

  • Our Production ProcessAn audio file of the composition
  • Charts or sheet music
  • Verbal direction
  • A reference audio file

2. We will contact you to discuss the project, ensuring that we understand your vision and have settled on a direction. A quote will also be finalized.

3. We will keep you updated throughout the recording process, sending preliminary drafts for approval.

4. Once you are happy with the final draft and we receive payment via Paypal, we will deliver the individual string tracks via FTP or an email based file transfer service.

Note: The duration of this process depends entirely on your deadline. If you need tracks in 2 hours, we will do our best within reason. If you have no deadline, most projects can be finished within 2 days.

Questions? If the website doesn’t do it for you (or if you would like to hire us), get us on the phone or via email at:

Christian – chris@christianhowes.com – 614 332 8689

Nate (production coordinator) – natelockwood@natelockwood.com – 330 685 4199