String Recording for Indie Pop Artist Andrea Perry

The Christian Howes String Recording team lent its talents to indie pop artist Andrea Perry ‘s newest release “Four”. Our live strings were featured on two tracks, “My Lover Said” and “Where Have You Been”. Funded in part by a very successful Kickstarter campaign, the album has received many rave reviews. Frank Cotolo (Cotolo Chronicles) says: “Four” stands up as one of the new millennium’s finest works, independent or not, and Andrea Perry is a prodigious voice of the era.”

“A fantastic resource for an independent artist”

Andrea Perry independent songwriterIt was a 100% positive experience working with Chris and his team. They played with so much emotion and depth and really helped the songs come alive. At first I had synthesized strings on the songs and almost thought I could get away with it until I heard what they did. Needless to say the real strings sounded about a thousand times better, but if they hadn’t been so well played and recorded and pitch-perfect that might not have been the case. Chris and his team are a fantastic resource for an independent artist – reasonably priced, easy to communicate with, able to write their own arrangements or play written parts, sensitive to the music, quick turnround. It’s great to be able to sit there in my home studio and e-mail a song in and have it e-mailed back with gorgeous strings on it.

Having a great string sound can really help a track to stand out. However independent artists rarely have the budget to record live strings for their tracks. Christian Howes String Recording team is able to create a full string sound on the budget of an independent artist without any sacrifice in quality of musicianship or sound. Contact with information regarding your track for a quote today.

Listen to a section of our strings on the track “Where Have You Been”

Andrea Perry’s album “Four” is available at




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