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Here are samples of our latest work for our production clients.


“What Adam’s Done” 

Christopher Marion composed an original string arrangement for the second half of this song by Jim Radford. This arrangement was really fun and challenging because he had the task of trying to find a balance in accomplishing 3 goals: supporting the piano, complimenting the vocal, and doubling/harmonizing guitar lines. These excerpts are not final mixes by any means! These excerpts were taken from rough drafts Christopher sent to Mr. Radford.

What Adam’s Done – Adagio String Arrangement – Final Draft

What Adam’s Done – Adagio Strings Only



Here’s another original arrangement on the bridge of a song by one of our favorite clients to work with, Michael Behm. Although short in duration, adding strings to this bridge also proved to be a good challenge. Christopher worked with Michael through a handful of drafts and arrived at the result above.


Check out Michael Behm’s music via these links:




“Make A Change”

This excerpt comes from a song sung by artist Mackenzie Dale and produced by Delwyn Brooks. The clip features the original arrangement from the outro. Delwyn requested a lush arrangement with “tear your heart out” melodies. That’s what we gave him! Check out the full track at Mackenzie’s website: http://mackenziedayle.com/music/

Make A Change – String Sample with Track

Make A Change – String Sample

Check out Delwyn Brooks’ music via the links below:

Free Music Applications

iPhone  http://rvrb.fm/jV0INj

Android http://rvrb.fm/mJMjXK

Site reverbnation.com/delwynbrooks




This excerpt comes from a song by artist Eli Schwebel. One of our favorite ways to generate original string arrangements is to have the client sing scratch tracks of rough ideas and shapes, and then try to realize their vision. That’s exactly how we arrived at this arrangement. These excerpts come from rough drafts we sent to Eli.

LuLay – Final Strings Draft

LuLay – Final Strings Draft – Strings Only





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