Finding Your Vision and Reaching Your Goals as an Artist – Creative Strings Podcast Episode 20 with New York Times Bestseller Lewis Howes

I sat down recently with New York Times bestselling author of The School of Greatness (and my little brother) Lewis Howes. Lewis is a world-class athlete and business guru who’s top-rated podcast has over 25 million downloads, and for this interview I asked him to weigh in on how freelance artists can be successful doing what they love. We covered lot’s of ground including:

– The line between selling out and selling yourself

– The difference between the quality of your work and how you package your content

– Capturing your value

– Why you shouldn’t be uncomfortable charging for your music

– What holds freelancers back?

– Time spent practicing vs time spent building your  business

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Learn about Lewis


Be sure to check out Lewis Howes and The School of Greatness to keep up with what he is working on. Also, if you haven’t listened yet, I was featured on an episode of Lewis’ podcast which you can listen to here.

Clips in this Episode

  • Catalina and Log from the upcoming release “Trail Magic” (my collaboration with longtime friend and guitarist/composer Joel Newton)
  • Cubano Chant from my album Southern Exposure on Resonance Records.
  • The “Greatness Trailer” Written and Produced by Christian Howes and Hamilton Hardin, for Lewis Howes and the School of Greatness




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