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Violinist.com founder Laurie Niles, Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 13

“We can be kind to one another without comprising excellence…”

At the Heart of the violin world, Violinist.com founder Laurie Niles sits down with Christian Howes to discuss the start-up and success of one of the largest communities of violinists across all styles and experience levels. Scroll down to listen in on:Christian and Laurie

  • The exciting early days of the internet and the evolution of violinist.com as a medium
  • Characteristics of violinists and the violin community
  • Bridging the gap and finding common ground between beginners, teachers, elite players…
  • Things that are working in the business of classical music
  • What the classical vs creative violin communities share alike
  • much more

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“We could be kinder to one another other without compromising excellence”

“The only shortcut is practice for ten years”

“Its easy to lose perspective… the most successful (violin soloists) don’t lose perspective”


“The trick is to continue to find that spark and keep it going”

“Most successful violinists have a love for many styles of music”

Clips in this Episode, featuring Christian Howes, Federico Lechner and Pablo Martin

Granados – Danza No. 5 – from the album Klazyc 

Blue Monk (Pt. 1) – from the album Jazz on Sale 

Paganini – Capriccio 24 – from the album Klazyc 

Falling Grace – from the album Jazz on Sale 


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