Recording strings on Above & Beyond’s “Group Therapy”

Recording strings for all clients is what we like to do, but earlier this year, we were incredibly fortunate to collaborate with the renowned UK-based electronic group Above & Beyond. We were already fans of their lush trance-based music, so it was exciting to get the call when they needed string recordings on their sophomore record entitled “Group Therapy.”

In this videos Christian is hanging with Jono and company during dinner prior to the A&B show in Columbus, Ohio:

Before beginning the recording process, our string arranger and violinist Christopher Marion conferenced with group member Jono Grant and collaborator Andrew Bayer to generate 6 unique arrangements. After a couple of Skype sessions and a few rough drafts, we were agreed on the voicings, dynamics, articulations, etc. We then employed the full might of our string tracking team from New York to LA to record the 60 piece scores.

After 2 weeks of recording and compiling the material, our remote production system proved to be well oiled (tying up a few file transfer servers notwithstanding). The assets were received in London and mixed beautifully with the rest of their material. The result is a cohesive blend of our overdubs and Above & Beyond’s incredible anthemic compositions. We haven’t stopped listening to the record since its release last week!

Below are two song previews on which our strings are featured. Enjoy!

To purchase, visit: (Filmic) (Every Little Beat)




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