Christopher Marion- master of strings-based soundscapes

This track, produced, tracked and arranged by members of our production team (and featuring Christopher Marion’s sister Jenika on vocals) showcases back to back improvised violin solos by Christopher Marion and Christian Howes. “The two Chris’s” collaborate creatively on much of the work done for our production clients seeking string tracking and string arranging. Says Marion, “Christian often asks me to create a foundational string arrangement over which he can solo or try additional things. Sometimes he starts the ideas and I finish them.”

Anyone should be able to hear from this track why the two violinists are so comfortable collaborating. Christopher was formerly a star student of Christian’s at the Berklee College of Music, and now, at age 21, he demonstrates a youthful and unique vision all his own, paired with a maturity beyond his years.

Says Christian:

“Christopher is one of the most skilled and versatile improvising violinists among his generation. Combine this with his love of production, arranging, and composition, and you have perhaps one of a handful of people in the world that can do what he can in terms of creating “strings production art”, i.e.  highly creative string arrangements or “string soundscapes” that complement and lift up tracks. For years prior to the advent of easy file sharing I had worked at this with various producers, and now in the three years that Christopher has been arranging and tracking remotely for our clients, he’s become a master.  While I’m grateful for his acknowledgement of the influence I’ve had on his development, it’s necessary to give him credit. The fact is that Christopher does a lot of our heavy lifting, prepping jobs, arranging, and tracking. We collaborate on projects easily because we have a relationship based on a long history of mutual respect and we’re both self-critical, always aiming to take the music as far as we can.  I would hand over a job to him in a heartbeat, and often do, when I think he’s better suited for it, and I know he would do the same. Rather than to serve our own egos, the goal of this company is to serve our clients and make music on the highest possible level, and it’s because of the great people on our team, particularly Christopher,  that I feel so confident about our ability to elevate every project we work on.”

For more info on Christopher and his music, check out is Myspace page: http://www.myspace.com/christophermarion





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