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A Christian Among Jews

I’ve always said that if you give me $1,000 I’ll stand naked in the middle of Times Square. Why not? It takes money, in part, to make the world go around, and, especially if you’re a creative musician, money can help you produce your art.

So many musicians just don’t get it. And I’m not talking about the ones who are HAPPY starving, playing in their bedrooms to noon. If that’s you, and you dig it, cool.

But if you really want to make your music and get it out there, I suggest you find ways to generate cash to keep your engine going. It’s cash that enables you to buy an amp, produce a record, book a rehearsal studio, etc…

Playing weddings is a great niche for string players who can stroll, play styles like jazz, funk, folk, world music, and anyone with a pick-up or electric violin will have a huge advantage when fitting into loud groups that play big rooms. I can tell you for sure that in NYC alone there are several agencies specializing in performing for Orthodox Jewish weddings, and they will pay a premium to get a violinist:

  1. with a pick-up and some effects
  2. who can read
  3. who can improvise and rock out a bit.

Google “wedding bands” or “booking agencies” in your town, call them all and email them all telling them that you’re able to stroll, amplify, fit into different styles, improvise, etc…. You will never have to worry about cash anymore, and by working two nights a week to make some quick money, you’ll have the ability to focus the rest of the time on your creative art.

Granted, it might be a “schlep”, but I was able to pay off a month’s mortgage with this gig!

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