Christian Howes Strings Production Go Platinum!

Recently, we had the opportunity to contribute to the Platinum selling UK supergroup Westlife in the production of their new album Where We Are. Released in November 2009 in the UK, it  placed #28 on the  2009 UK Year-end Album Chart with 427,000 sales. To date, the group has sold over 45 million records worldwide with seven of their singles having topped the UK charts.


We worked with Jesse Astin and Scott Cutler’s studio in L.A., contributing over 40 string tracks to their song “The Difference”. This song is the 7th track in their newest album and was written and produced by Scott Cutler,  Anne Preven, and Brian Kennedy Seals.

Big thanks to the brilliant young producer, Jesse Astin, for recommending us on this project!  As always, props to the fabulous and dedicated arrangers and players on our team, which on this song included Christopher Marion, violin, and Catherine Bent, cello.

Here’s a sample of the strings track we contributed to the song:




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