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Play Along Fiddle Tunes: Enhance Your Skills with Free Video Lessons

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Searching for the perfect way to improve your fiddle playing skills? You’ve come to the right place! Welcome to an exciting world of “play along fiddle tunes” by myself Christian Howes, (and occasionally featuring some of my friends). With these free play along lessons below as well as hundreds more available on our YouTube channel, I hope you’ll agree that learning to master fiddle tunes has never been so engaging and fun.

Introduction to Play Along Fiddle Tunes

In the traditional sense, fiddle music is rich with history and culture. With the advent of technology, play along fiddle tunes have become a modern way to immerse yourself in this time-honored tradition.

Play Along for Positive, Productive Practice

Whether you’re a beginner seeking guidance or an advanced player wanting to refine your skills, these play along fiddle tunes offer an immersive experience. Watch the videos, grab your instrument, and join me in this musical adventure. 

Grab your fiddle and play along to one of our featured play along videos below: 

The Magic Behind Play Along Fiddle Tunes

Interactive Learning: Playing along with a professional provides real-time feedback and an enriched learning environment.

  • Expert Guidance: With these videos, you have a teacher at your fingertips, guiding you step-by-step.
  • A Flexible Platform: Learn at your pace, pause, repeat, and master the tunes as you go along.
  • Free Access: These lessons are freely accessible, providing an affordable way to grow musicianship.

Techniques You Can Learn

  • Bow Handling: Improve your bow grip and control with guided tutorials.
  • Fingering Techniques: Learn the precise finger placement to hit the right notes.
  • Musical Interpretation: Enhance your understanding of rhythm, dynamics, and expression.
  • Performance Skills: Gain confidence in performing by playing alongside a professional musician.
  • Make your own breaks, learn to accompany, work on groove, and more.

Take the Next Step

Excited about these play-along fiddle tunes? The journey doesn’t have to stop here. On this site, you can explore more comprehensive lessons, workshops, and even one-on-one coaching with me if you like.

Testimonials from Satisfied Learners

Additional Resources

Our dedication to helping string players doesn’t end with YouTube videos. Check out these additional resources:

  • Creative Strings Workshop: An annual event that brings together musicians for a week of intensive learning and performance. 
  • Newsletter: Regularly updated with tips, insights, and guidance on various aspects of string playing.  
  • Coaching: Tailor-made sessions for those seeking personalized attention. All new students get a free private lesson with me by trying Creative Strings Academy.


Join the ranks of thousands of string players who have enriched their musical lives with our play along fiddle tunes. Step into this musical world today, and let your fiddle sing like never before.

Find out more about what we offer and explore a multitude of resources here on this website. Let the music play!

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