Andrea Whitt- Classical Violist to Rockstar Influencer | Creative Strings Podcast No. 38

Andrea Whitt:  From Classical Violist to Rockstar Influencer

Andrea Whitt is a musician who is living the dream. She tours the world with rock stars, manages her own fashion blog, produces fine art, and plays a variety of instruments in a variety of styles.

Given the common wisdom that string players must start by age six to have a chance at success, she has defied the odds ever since starting the viola in public school at 8 years old.

Listen to this full episode to hear the inspiring story of a classical musician who has gone on to create an extraordinary career. In the interview we cover—

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  • How she developed other musical skills alongside her classical training
  • How putting herself through college gave her the skills to survive and make it in L.A.
  • The skills she gained and nurtured beyond music
  • How she managed to learn new skills while staying focused on many passions, ultimately tying them together in a multifaceted career
  • How she went beyond classical music
  • How she got her big breaks with gigs with Shania Twain and Zuccero Farinacci (the Brcue Springtein of Europe).
  • What she learned from touring the world with rock stars.

Andrea designs “luxury resort wear that goes anywhere” as well as produces her own  “prints that are fun and flirty.” Everything is designed and made in Los Angeles, and available at the Bohemian Bunnie Shop.

Andrea is an example of resourcefulness, persistence, and hard-work ethic. Her story demonstrates the possibility to tie together many passions into a musician career.  Her willingness to continually say “yes” to every new challenge and learn whatever skills necessary is an inspiration.

She has done it on her own by pursuing new skills, pursuing every opportunity, while remaining attuned to her passions and allowing them to evolve along the way.

Andrea’s newest venture revolves around original music dubbed “Acid Americana.” The project is a collaboration with songwriter Katie Skene. They go by Katie and Andrea 

After spending the summer as the official entertainment for the Dead & Company Pre-show VIP Lounge, Katie & Andrea have put together a rapidly growing catalogue of original music with influences including Southern Rock & Soul, 60’s Psychedelia, Delta Blues, Outlaw Country, and 70’s California Folk. Their arrangements feature various combinations of instrumentation, including electric, acoustic and resonator guitars, pedal steel, fiddle, viola, and mandolin— all composed, arranged, and performed by Katie & Andrea.

Andrea Whitt performs on viola, fiddle and pedal steel guitar alongside Italian artist Zucchero. She has toured with Shania Twain, recorded on Grammy award winning albums and performed and recorded with dozens of other well known artists. Her Bohemian Bunnie lifestyle brand was created from her passion for art, style and music.  With Andrea’s international touring schedule, Bohemian Bunnie has become a creative journey overseas, and has been acclaimed in media and publications such as E! News, Brit + Co, and Marie Claire Taiwan. Find more about Andrea at

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