Hamilton Hardin- Any Instrument, Any Genre; Fueled by Faith

Hamilton Hardin

Hamilton Hardin is a musical genius.

-His album “Just Wanna Say”  is one of the most impressive feats of musicianship I’m aware of, ever, anywhere.

-Combining extensive audio clips from his recordings and insights into Hamilton’s musical process, this is one of the best podcast episodes we have produced.

Listen to/bookmark the full 80-minute episode here:

Hamilton Hardin’s music is important to me because it seems to reflect a tireless, spiritual passion; That motivates a desire to reach deeper to do something meaningful.

If you listen, you may see what I mean.


The audio clips inside this episode feature Hamilton Hardin playing 13 instruments; He also composes, mixes, sings, arranges, and produces almost everything.

Except for a few guest appearances, he does it all.

 Insights & Tips: In our interview, Hamilton shares-
-How to tweak your practice to get more done; how he practices multiple instruments and musical concepts efficiently.
-The spiritual motivation for his music and how it fuels his Herculean work ethic
-Who he composes for, why, and how he reconciles creativity and commerce
-His methods for getting clients & projects before he became a big time record label exec.
-Advice for classical musicians on how to practice groove, harmony, non classical styles, and creative musical concepts

If you asked multi-instrumentalist Hamilton Hardin if he’d ever enter the pop world, he says he would have simply laughed. 

In this episode, Hamilton reveals what makes pop music so appealing, how he gained a respect for the genre and what it’s like being producer, mixer, sound engineer, and editor for famous talent.



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This podcast also includes:

-Why Hamilton practices first WITHOUT his instrument

-How you can develop a “good ear”

-The inside scoop behind his album “Just Wanna Say.”

– My personal favorite rock violin solo ever recorded

-Stories, laughs, and inspiring moments

Hamilton is currently Vice President of A and R for Made in Memphis Entertainment. He oversees the production and development in the complex pop music industry.
He coached ensembles a few summers at the Creative Strings Workshop in Columbus. One of the things that makes the workshop unique is the opportunity to work with coaches who are not always string players.
I’ve been fortunate to consider Hamilton a friend since he began touring with my band in 2010. We traveled the U.S. & Europe in our trio with Cedric Easton, who also teaches every summer in Columbus.

If you’re a string player looking to re-ignite your passion,  get an early ticket to Columbus (or Europe, or Asheville).