Artistic Pursuance vs The Long Arc w/ Janie Barnett: Creative Strings Podcast EP 28

janie barnett creative strings podcast 28

Janie Barnett’s new CD, “You See This River” is original, personal, and beautiful; the fact that she put it out 30 years into her career intrigued me.

(Scroll down on this page to listen into our edited interview-Episode 28 of the Creative Strings Podcast.)

I wanted to know how she’s managed to piece her career together so many years, before, during, and after raising children, all the time staying in NYC.

I wanted to find out how an artist keeps their fire for creating new material into their 30s, 40s. and beyond.

Let’s face it- half of the battle for most artists is LASTING; persevering through various life phases, relationships, parenting -whatever inevitable strains that force us this way or that way to compromise on the pure pursuance most of us felt when we were first starting out.

Many artists freelance for a few years, even ten or more, and then take day jobs, quit music altogether, find the most stable performing or teaching gig they can- anything they can settle into. Many artists who move to NYC leave after a few years, if they even make it that long.

Janie maintains streams of hustle and creative work, from teaching to producing, writing, and performing. She’s still going for it in every sense.

You’ve got to respect that.

In the Creative Strings Podcast Episode 28, we discuss topics such as:

  • Learning language to communicate between musicians
  • Janie’s new CD “You See This River”
  • Having kids and starting a family while sticking with your art
  • The importance of letting go as an artist for self discovery

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Watch the extended conversation on YouTube:

Learn more about Janie Barnett:


You See This River


Go see Janie Barnett’s Urban Americana Spring TaxDay Party – April 15th at City Winery in New York

Clips used in this episode:

  • “Prelude”
  • “Better Times Are Coming”
  • “Wrap Me Up”
  • “Buy That Thing”
  • “You See This River”

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