Social Media and Entrepreneurship for Musicians with Colin Thomson – Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 12

“It takes hard work and consistency; a platform does nothing…. unless there’s good reason for it.”

10360466_10204050016953148_4780105177637950391_n‘s Colin Thomson joins Christian Howes to discuss social media and business strategies for musicians. Listen below for straight talk on:

  • How to build an audience across social media platforms
  • Key tips for musicians on Instagram
  • Ways to grow revenue as a musician

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“We want to make money for what purpose, what we’re passionate about, and sharing what we’re passionate about with other people…”


“Putting out a lot of quantity and not worrying too much; I think social media platforms are moving towards rewarding people who are willing to do that.”

Clips in this episode

The clips in this episode are two of Colin’s cues for film/TV scores entitled “Checkmate” and “Traveling Montage”