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Billy Contreras: Inspired Insights from a Country Fiddler and Jazz Master – Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 1

Billy and I sat down to speak live at the 2014 Creative Strings Workshop to discuss Billy’s life, music, and more in the first episode of the brand new Creative Strings Podcast. Later we edited this podcast to include several amazing clips of Billy from when he was young through today. This progression shows how Billy’s playing has evolved, as well as his incredible variety. We structured the podcast to heavily feature Billy’s playing in between interview segments. Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.05.17 PMClips in this Episode:

Many of the clips included are from the two recordings Billy and Chris co-produced: “Jazz Fiddle Revolution” (2001) and “Jazz Fiddle Evolution” (2005).

In the order clips appear:

By the Bay – Live performance

Always – Billy with the Nashville Swing Band

Walking on Broadway – from Jazz Fiddle Evolution

Untitled Blues Jam – from Jazz Fiddle Revolution

Dreams – Original Tune with Billy’s wife, Amanda Contreras

Maria, Maria  – from Jazz Fiddle Revolution

W.S. – from Jazz Fiddle Evolution

The Way you Look Tonight – from Jazz Fiddle Revolution

Crazy Young Billy

Black Mountain Rag – Performed by Kenny Baker

Dialogue Over Two Themes – from Jazz Fiddle Revolution

Tristeza – from Jazz Fiddle Evolution

Solo on Original Tune


Back Home in Indiana – Performed by the Lester Young Trip

Sally Goodin  – Performed by Ricky Skaggs

Sweet Georgia Brown – Performed by Billy at the Grand Master Fiddler’s Competition 2005 (Billy placed 3rd)

Dialogue Over Two Themes – from Jazz Fiddle Revolution

Sweet Soul Music – Live

Practicing at age 17

Solo over the Blues – Live

Detective H – from Jazz Fiddle Evolution

Licks in Ionian and Dorian (from a live masterclass)


Practicing at age 17

Song of the Wanderer – from Texas in my Soul


Show Notes

People and concepts discussed in this episode:

Suzuki starter violin:

Suzuki starter violin 2Suzuki starter violin 3

Suzuki starter violin 1








Jim Wood – Billy’s first fiddle teacher

Buddy Spicher – Billy’s fiddle teacher


You can download string ensemble charts from Christian and Billy’s first album Jazz Fiddle Revolution by clicking here.

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