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Aubrey Johnson, the founder of The Jazz Half and contributor for The Examiner covering Cincinnati Jazz Scene, features Christian in his February 1 article and also makes Christian’s performance at The Blue Wisp tomorrow, February 27th, the featured event of February in The Jazz Half.

Aubrey Johnson

Aubrey Johnson


Aubrey describes Christian as having “made his footprint in the world of jazz. His playing style is one of emotion and controlled intensity, the very attributes of a jazz musician. His sound is crisp and pronounced.”

In the interview, Christian talks about his music and the upcoming Creative Strings Workshop. Read Aubrey’s article here or follow this link to listen to the interview.

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 3.28.13 PM

But, Christian also turned the table on Aubrey and shot a short interview of him. Two men joined by their passion for jazz, chatting over a cup of coffee on life and music,  and how jazz, in particular, has impacted their lives.

Watch Aubrey’s take on Jazz and his work  keeping it alive in Cincinnati.

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