July 19, 2011

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Creative String Players’ Lesson Videos

This program is designed to help you become fluent with harmony, improvisation, and all things relevant to Creative String Players.

Text me at 614-332-8689 or email me at chris@christianhowes.com anytime with questions or requests. I will try to fulfill all requests for new content each month. I will respond to all questions!

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Warm Ups (3 Videos)
These exercises allow you to work on various technical issues as well as improvisation, internalizing scales, and developing rhythmic fluency. Also see relevant pages in the Violin Harmony Handbook (below) for additional clarification.

Technique (3 Videos)

Non-Tonal, aka “Free”, Improvisation (5 Videos)
These exercises are designed to get you improvising right away, using the knowledge and skills you already have. Without necessarily striving to sound “atonal” we can still give less consideration to harmony, using other structural elements to serve as parameters of musical expression.

Harmony (5 Videos)
Chord pairs are exercises that enable you to internalize the voice leading relationships between any two chords. By focusing on common relationships between two chords you’ll be better prepared to manage progressions of more than two chords. Also, see relevant pages in the Violin Harmony Handbook for additional clarification.

The Violin Harmony Handbook
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Tonal Improv Series (1 Chart, 8 Videos and 5 MP3s)
Easy Tonal Improv Series- This series breaks down the relationship between chords and scales, showing how to use chord tones to construct bass lines, inner voices, melodies, and solos in various styles. Use the MP3 backing tracks to practice this. it’s great for all levels.

Blues (2 Videos)
These lessons will clear up some misconceptions about how to use blues scales. You can actually use a combination of two blues scales to achieve greater range of expression in many common chord progressions.

Jazz Scales and Vocabulary (3 Transcriptions and 3 Videos)
These bebop scale exercises are useful for developing a jazz vocabulary, navigating through common jazz progressions, and developing an “in/out” approach to playing over chords. Follow along with the Bebop Scale transcriptions.

Career/Business (2 Videos)

Gear/Technology (3 Videos)

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