October 15, 2022

Free Online Violin Lesson for New Academy Members

I’m offering free lessons this month to a handful of musicians who are interested in trying my frameworks as a solution to reach their practice or teaching-related goals.  Click below to claim your spot now!

Creative Strings Academy- Select Studio Membership Discounted

24/7 Access to my premium materials through Creative Strings Academy

Free introductory 30-minute private lesson

All my eBooks to download and keep forever including:

  • Easy Tonal Improvisation Workbook
  • Jazz Scales for VIolin, Viola, and Cello
  • Jazz Arpeggios for Violin, Viola, and Cello
  • The Chromatic Universe (Chromatic Etudes and Mini-Pieces)
  • Easy Chords for Violin, VIola and Cello
  • The Violin Harmony Handbook
  • Quartal Etudes (Fourths)
  • Once-monthly asynchronous support via video reviews

During this limited time offer, you'll get all of the above for just $7. If you stay beyond 30 days, it's $39.95/mo. You can cancel at any time

Price: $7.00 first month

The Outcome For You?

Turn your inconsistent practice/teaching routine into a results-driven practice that is structured and efficient.

My frameworks, developed over 35 years, have helped teens, teachers, concertmasters, and adult learners with a huge range of interests and backgrounds.

How Much?

$7 gives you everything outlined above, including 30 days access to my premium courses and a monthly asynchronous review via email or video exchange.

You can cancel anytime. If you stay past 30 days you will be charged $39.95 monthly and you can cancel anytime.

If you schedule your lesson for anytime in the next 6 weeks, you can cancel the subscription immediately and still take advantage of the free private lesson.

You can pay $7, schedule a lesson anytime in the next 6 weeks, download the books, and cancel your subscription, all today if you like.

You’ll still receive the lesson valued at $150.

You can keep the seven books valued at over $250. That’s $7 to receive a $150 private lesson with me and $250 worth of resources for your library.

Plus, you can stream my cutting edge courses for 30 days. These include courses that Berklee hired me to create for all their string majors.

Register here:

This is a one-time offer, as I limit private lessons. If you sign up today I will honor it. I reserve the right to take it down later to manage my schedule.


For technical support, email support@christianhowes.com

Otherwise email me direct: chris@christianhowes.com