January 12, 2011

Private Jazz Violin Lessons via Skype or email

Christian at a private jazz violin group improv lesson

Chris offers private lessons to students around the world via skype and email.

Contact him for more info:  chris@christianhowes.com

From a Skype student:  “Having had the privilege to recently attend a master class given by Christian Howes, I was surprised to learn that he allocated time in his busy schedule for select private students. Artists of Mr. Howes’ caliber are usually inaccessible to the public, much less available for private lessons. Since he and I live on opposite coasts, our only opportunities so far have been to arrange lessons via the Internet. Christian introduced me to a new concept – “Skype lessons”.

I have been a Computer/Internet Specialist for many years and I must say I was skeptical at first. How could all the nuances necessary for a productive lesson be present via teleconferencing? Within minutes my skepticism was replaced with a feeling of “this is the most amazing lesson I’ve ever experienced”. The teleconferencing factor becomes a non-issue, as the video and audio are perfect, no delays, latency, or distortion. Christian has the ability (and desire) to focus like radar on one’s weaknesses as well as strengths, summarizing it all in simple terms, then prescribing his remedies.

I am honored to be able to study privately with the absolute master of Jazz Violin, Christian Howes. Not only that, but to know that lessons or advice are always available, regardless of where our busy schedules take us.

Mark Shapiro
Los Angeles
June 2010

“”I’ve been working on & off all day today on what we covered yesterday, mainly the scale exercizes with voice leading. It’s 2 am and I can’t stop practicing. Amazing stuff. I sense some major breakthroughs and new freedom in my playing soon! I can’t believe I’ve been playing this long and no one until now has shown me the real groundwork that has to be done.

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