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April 25, 2012


string players learning jazz through performance and workshops

String improvisation workshops and residencies often culminate in concerts incorporating alternative styles, such as this performance at Miami University.

Are you a string player or teacher?



Are you ready to join the 21st Century?


Learn to apply or teach improvisation, composition, and “alternative styles strings”.

A former Associate Professor at the Berklee College of Music, Christian Howes is widely established as a leading jazz violinist and teacher.

His easy-to-use curriculum incorporates improvisation, composition, “alternative styles strings,” and applied music theory for classically trained violinists, violists, and cellists of all ages, as well as teacher training.

Featuring online video lessons, fiddle camps, school visits, Skype lessons, and more, this site provides many resources.

Click the links below to discover more and find resources that fit your needs.

Feel free to email any questions to chris@christianhowes.com.

  1. Study “Creative String Playing” online: Access comprehensive jazz strings curriculum  at the Creative Strings Academy.
  2. Instructional books, videos, CDs, and more – Various resources to learn improvisation on violin, cello, viola, anr more.
  3. Free Materials: The Creative Strings Players Blog and YouTube Channel
  4. The Creative Strings Workshop – an intensive week-long camp with world class teaching artists for ages 10 and up and professionals.
  5. Educational outreach – Clinics, master classes, residencies, and guest performances with your school or private studio.

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Says Christian, “As a parent (a “Suzuki dad”) I wanted to encourage my daughter to learn the things I missed out during my classical training, especially the creative aspect of music making. This is what led me to develop improvisation curriculum for string players as part of a method which teaches the “whole musician.” Improvisation and composition are important skills which expand the joy and other rewards of being a musician.”


Teacher Testimonial

“I tried out some of Christian Howes’ improvisation exercises/games on our kids last Friday. They LOVED them…. I was so surprised and really touched when I saw one of our students play and interact along with the group for the first time all semester.”

Student Testimonial

“I learned a ton from you and it really has motivated me to get even more into music. The way you talked about music in general, as well as improvisation and music theory just really made sense to me in a way that it never has before.”