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May 21, 2013

Improvisation for Classical Players: The Diminished Scale

Diminished Scale Master Series

Want to learn a new scale? A mastery of the diminished scale can really spice up your playing, and almost always catches the ear of the listener!


Inside this package:

•Gain an understanding of the diminished scale

•Become able to apply this scale in your playing

•This three video and accompanying MP3 will help you to boost your musical vocabulary

Diminished Scale Master Series (Video Series +Additional Materials)
  • Internalize both the sound and mechanics of the diminished scale on the violin, viola, or cello.
  • Learn how to apply this essential sonic color over dominant chords.
  • This bundle contains 3 lesson videos, one PDF, and one mp3.
  • Skill Level: Advanced.
Also included in our Creative Strings Academy
Price: $19.95