Easy Tonal Improvisation Multimedia Series

Learn how to improvise on violin, viola, or cello the easy way.

Congratulations- you’ve found my most popular e-course! It’s a game-changer because it shows classically trained musicians something 99.9% of them really need, i.e., an easy way to apply harmony.

It’s the resource I wish that I had at 16, when I first decided to explore beyond my classical roots.

It gives string players an easy avenue into a skill that few classically trained players ever develop- the ability to apply harmony in a practical manner, on the spot. Using a diagram that I call a “chord stack,” you’ll be able to visualize the harmony on paper, connecting theory and sound quicker by combining listening and reading.

You’ll be able to dive right in- no previous improvising experience necessary.

Easy Tonal Improvisation (Multimedia Series)

The perfect introduction to tonal improvisation.  My chord stack diagrams and color-coded notes make it easy- even for beginning readers.  All exercises are playable in first position.

Level: All levels

Price: $69.95

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