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Bossa and Samba Multimedia Series

Learn to play these popular Latin American styles

Samba is a musical and dance style which originated in Brazil in the early 20th century, with its roots in Africa. Later in the century (around the 1950’s), Samba gave way in the mainstream to a new style called Bossa Nova, which borrowed much from Samba rhythms, but also harmonic and melodic elements from French Impressionist music. It has beautiful and memorable melodies, presented in a gentle and accessible style, but with a strong directional rhythmic groove. This combination of elements makes Bossa Nova an effective vehicle for beginners to learn serious improvisation, rather than the complex melodies and often frenetic energy of modern jazz.

Bossa and Samba for Bowed Strings (Multimedia Series)

Bossa and Samba styles are a wonderful gateway for bowed string players to gain comfort with rhythm, melody, harmony, and improvisation. This course offers many resources for you to play lyrically AND rhythmically, as you discover your expressive voice as an improviser and expand your musical versatility. The course is accessible for all levels; It provides the ability to be challenged for expert players as well.

Level: All levels

Price: $39.95

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