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Chromatic Universe eBook

Open your eyes, ears, heart, and fingers to a whole new world of sound and possibility.

There’s often a gateway that leads classical musicians to expand into more creative musical expression. For me the gateway was rock music during high school that primed the pump to be open to modern jazz, composition, arranging, and more.

Some styles are easier for classical musicians to access due to the familiarity of rhythms, harmonies, or melodies. Jazz, with it’s reliance on triplet-based swing, complex harmonies, and unfamiliar melodies, can be difficult for classical musicians.

Chromatic melodic language is natural to any classically trained string players who have studied impressionist composers like Debussy and Ravel as well as 20th century composers including Bartok, Prokofiev, Stravinski, and others…

It’s a logical next step for classical musicians. It still offers plenty of challenges, and is a natural compliment to studying rock, funk, bluegrass and other styles.

That’s my theory, and it’s why I think if you are a classical string player or teacher interested in branching out you’ll love this as a way to gain fluency and creativity.

Chromatic Universe (eBook only)

Explore a world of sound beyond Western European diatonic scales.

Level: Advanced

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