May 21, 2013

Easy Tonal Improvisation

Improvise with Pachelbel’s Canon

Want to come up with your own musical ideas? Have you always wanted to learn how to improvise? I’ll give you the tools you need to start improvising.


In this package:

•Realize how easy improvising can be

•Gain an understanding of how chords are put together

•Apply chord theory and voice leading to construct musical line

•This eight video series is accompanied by five play-along tracks, a chord stacks diagram, and instructions for completing the module

•Great for instrumentalists of all skill levels. Only basic reading skills required.

Easy Tonal Improvisation (Video and Worksheet Download)
Improvise to Pachelbel's Canon with the Pachelbel Canon Chord Stacks series! This easy-to-use course includes eight instructional videos, six play-along accompaniment tracks, a worksheet including the easy-to-use "chord stacks" diagram, and instructions for completing the module. Great for ALL levels of classically trained instrumentalists (with basic reading skills!) Through this course you will learn to improvise easily within the first five minutes! By using the innovative "chord stacks" diagram, Christian gives you ready-made "training wheels" which allow you to glide easily through chord progressions. Connect the dots to select chord and scale tones that naturally form coherent and flawless melodies in many styles including classical, bluegrass, waltz, reggae, rock, and more!
Price: $24.95