May 23, 2013

Improvisation for Classical Players: The Bebop Scale

Bebop Scales Master Series

Want to expand your musical vocabulary? The bebop scale is a must-know for any jazz string player.


In this package:

•Become familiar with the bebop scale

•Gain an understanding of how to apply this scale

•This three video series will give you everything you need to start incorporating this scale into your improvisation

Bebop Scales Master Series (Video and Worksheet Download)
If you’d like to be able to play fast streams of 8th notes over common jazz tunes, sound authentic within the Jazz lexicon, and/or play over 2-5-1 progressions with greater ease, this course is a must. The secrets of the “bebop scale approach” are a staple of seasoned jazz musicians & Christian Howes lays them out in ultra clear step by step fashion, specifically for violinists, violists, and cellists. - Your ear will become more familiar with Jazz melodies. - Develop the ability to play faster over common Jazz progressions. - Gain harmonic fluency on your instrument. - Expand your harmonic and melodic vocabulary. - Improvise with greater comfort and ease. This bundle contains 3 lesson videos, transcriptions in all twelve keys, and worksheets for each video. Make this scale part of your musical vocabulary!
Price: $19.95