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Can a Violin Do That? Happy Holidays!

When my family “invited” me to share music that regular people would enjoy, it sounded more like a challenge.

So I threw the kitchen sink into this split screen video.  Warning: It’s HAPPY (to the point of ridiculous)

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Each of the five tracks needed to be done live with no edits. So what you see is what you get.

Sheet Music Is Available!

Since I’ve had so many requests, I’ve decided to make this arrangement available as well. You can get it by joining the new course, or contact me at chris@christianhowes.com to buy the arrangement.

The arrangement is flexible so whether you are playing duo, trio, or with a larger ensemble, there’s something you can use.


I’ll Teach You How

If you’re a string player and you’d like to improvise and arrange your own flexible versions of songs, I recommend getting my new course “Playing Without a Net”.  I teach you to improvise accompaniments and variations on beginning classical tunes, and other styles from latin, jazz, rock, pop, and folk. You can stream the course here.

Join Me & other Creative String Players Live

December 16th is our early registration deadline for several workshops. The full schedule includes:

EUROPE Feb 14-16, NYC Feb 24-25, TORONTO May 2-3, AUSTRALIA/Asia June 1-14, COLUMBUS June 28-July 4, ASHEVILLE July 7-12

I “invite” you/your students to join us.

Happy Holidays!

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