Inside the Artist’s Mind- (podcast)


  • Why do some really talented artists have a challenge making money?
  • What are most artists thinking about day to day?
  • What’s the greatest downside to being an artist?
  • What do all artists want at the end of the day?
  • What processes can someone use to create a piece of music?
  • What are principles an artist should follow to make money without compromising their art?

I answered these and more questions in this episode of the School of Greatness Podcast (below) for my brother Lewis.

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Next week I’ll roll out my interview with Lewis for the Creative Strings Podcast about his recommendations for freelance musicians who want to grow their impact and make a secure living.



Lewis and I at the Summit of Greatness (Photo by Michael Wahba)

This interview about the creative AND business minds of artists is quite possibly my most widely listened to, with 67,000 streams just on Soundcloud. The School of Greatness podcast is in the top 50 on iTunes, with over 25 million downloads.


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