Post-Classical: FInding yourself as a creative musician w cellist Mike Block – Creative Strings Podcast Ep. 17

“I really enjoyed finding myself in different contexts and being able to explore different parts of myself in different styles.”

Master Classical Cellist turned Eclectic Creative Musician

I sat down with Cellist Mike Block to discuss his shift from classical training at Cleveland Institute of Music and Juilliard to becoming an improviser and composer in the worlds of contemporary (“non-classical”) styles. Mike definitely drops some bombs that surprised me:) We also discuss summer music camps including the Mike Block String Camp and the Creative Strings Workshop.

Scroll down to listen in and learn about:

  • Mike’s classical training and how it helped him transition to playing in multiple styles (and vice versa)
  • His happiness “checklist” and how he applies it to the various aspects of his lifestyle, career, and choice of musical projects
  • The transformative potential of music camps, and new challenges in organizing them to serve creative musical ideals
  • His work with Yo-Yo Ma, and perspectives on “world music”

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The Block Strap

As Mike became more enveloped in “alternative” styles, he found that being seated while performing prevented him from connecting him with his audience. He invented the “Block Strap” to allow him to play cello standing and move while he plays, and it just may change the world of cello forever. Learn more about the block strap at

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