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August 3, 2017

The New Music Biz Mastermind- Exclusive offer for CSW Alumni

Hey Camper- Are you ready to take your Music Career to the next level?

As a CSW alumni, you’re part of a community striving to take your music to the next level, and the best way I know how to do that is On The Gig!

Better gigs will help you get money and time, all while your instrument is in-hand.

If getting better gigs, projects, and clients is something you’re ready for now, I want to help you accelerate that process.

The New Music Biz Mastermind is opening, and a discounted rate will be available exclusively to CSW alumni until August 15th!

Here’s What You’ll Receive:








Here’s How:

-Our secret FB Group is the platform allowing us to clarify goals, plan and execute actions, implement marketing strategies, and receive accountability so that we move forward and get results.

– Group Calls occur 2 times per month.  Use these calls to get personalized 1-1 real time feedback on whatever questions are pressing for you.

-You’ll receive personalized feedback on all your posts/questions..

– Accountability partners/groups will be strongly encouraged and time-lined assignments will give you clarity and structure.

– Tailored content related to your strategy and music biz goals will be posted regularly.

Here’s the other thing…

As CSW alumni, you’ll be locked into a special monthly rate for all of these benefits, forever. (The price goes up after August 15th)

The target rate for entry to the FB group (for most people) will be $189

Special early enrollment rates will be set at $147-159 in the near future.

For YOU, if you know right now that this is for you (CSW 2017 alumni only)I’ll knock off $52 and make it $127 per month.


Of course,  you can cancel anytime, and I’ll even GUARANTEE the first month. If you’re not satisfied in 30 days, and you SHOW UP even just a little bit on the group, let me know within 30 days of the time you sign up and I’ll refund you.

Remember, I’m only extending this offer until August 15th

How does that sound?

Feel free to say “Heck yes”, sign up below, and then set up a free call with me. Got questions? Schedule the call (this week) with no strings attached.

Music Biz Mastermind Payment Options



“There is literally no one I know who has studied the business of music more thoroughly than Christian. He’s not only a master musician; he’s one of the most knowledgeable people you’ll ever meet in learning how to make a living.”

Joel Harrison, Guggenheim Recipient, Composer, Guitarist (NYC)




“Since taking Music Biz Mastermind I’ve increased my gigs 20% this year with a head start on several projects for next year and the recording of CDs three and four in the works. I applied for three grants and scheduled a collaboration with a dance company at a major university. Thanks for all of your help!”

  – Tia Amani Hanna, Singer, Violinist, and Teaching Artist (Lansing, MI)